Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finding Time To Write

As a writer, I have learned many lessons about the art of putting together a tale that excites the reader and brings them back for more. Nothing could have prepared me more than the negative feedback on how the passive voice was too much or the pronouns were too confusing. Now that I feel that I have gotten the hang of that part, there is a new anxiety, entering contests and other anthologies.

Now, I am going to make the excuse that I don't have time to write my book and do additional writing for others. I have a good friend that does both and is extremely gifted and pouring her talent into as many projects as she can squeeze into a 24 hour day. As for me, after the grind at work and then coming home to children, it is difficult to hammer out 1000 words or even 500 for that matter. So what is my solution?

I write a little bit at a time throughout the day. Whether it is on my break at work, maybe an idea on my phone, or at the end of the work day. I email myself the snippets and put them together when I get home. This is not the finished product. The story will need tweaking once all the parts
and pieces are put together. I have found this works for me also when I am writing a story with time jumps. I won't have to focus on one specific idea. If there is a character that has me stumped, I can go to another place in the story and add some background which can help development the initial character.

So there you are. For those of you who say you don't have the time or there is too much going on or even that you just can't do it. Yes you can. Give it a try.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fated by Chance Series: Landry by Vivian Lee

Fated by Chance: Landry is a true romance story for the genuine romance reader. Its author's heart and soul are felt on every page as Landry's world is revealed.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the author about herself and her talent and this is what she had to say.


1.  What inspired you to write the story?

I love romance out of any other stories there can be. You want to see how two people are brought together. How are they different? How are they alike? How does their life change once they fall in love with someone they never expected to be their match? Or do they stay the same? Most couples believe that they met their true love through fate. So with that idea, I started writing “Fated by Chance: Landry.” When they are brought together unexpectedly, they don’t know why. They both believe they are too different from each other from the start. However, when they meet again, something within them changes. This is the story about Landry and Kian, a couple who have dated since college. Despite their differences, they have stayed together until their relationship begins to fall apart.
I thought since they have been together that long, the story should be told from the past to present. The past details what they went through together in college. The present shows how much they are struggling to stay together. This series presents flashbacks of a couple from then to now. While they are barely hanging on, there is another plot happening. This plot involves the couple which could put both of them in potential danger.

In this series, the books give a vivid description how fate changes a relationship completely. Whether the couple is struggling or not, the couple is struggling or not, fate becomes the driving force behind their relationship. Ultimately, it is up to the couple to move forward or hesitate. Through the series, the story gives the reader a strong picture fate cannot be avoided. Sometimes, fate can bring a good result as well as a bad one. No matter what happens, we have a better understanding of what we need to do. Even if we are reluctant to, we are strengthened for the best. So does the purpose for our lives.

2. What are your hobbies?

Other than writing, I love to read. I’ve been reading since I was four years old. I have my Appa (father) to thank for that. I also like to watch movies since both reading and movies can give me ideas for new stories.

3. How many books are in this series?

This is a two book series, “Fated by Chances: Denae,”is also written. The release date is still unknown at this time. I don’t know if I’ll be writing another series later on but then, anything is possible.

Passage from Fated by Chance Series: Landry

All Landry could do was desperately hope neither one of them would turn out to be seriously injured. Just when Landry thought, she did not have anything left for her to turn to. That very moment, Whitney finally came down on all four legs. Once she inhaled a breath full of tension, something unexpected occurred before becoming aware of what was going on.

For a moment, everything moved like a blur with the sky. The next, it turned out to be the ground Landry’s face came to touch. She could not be certain of what happened. Landry felt her body thrown hard to the ground with that being the last thing she could remember. It grew to be more than a couple of minutes. Both Landry and Whitney lied on the ground. Helplessly, Landry’s eyes closed and leaving her unable to move. No one saw what happened. Suddenly, a figure emerged out of the shadows to find both Landry and the horse lying completely still on the ground. With no one there to assist them, this became a very crucial time to appear. A mysterious figure smiled while seeing what it anticipated in turning to be a clear reality. Best of all, no one could prove the stranger started this incident from the beginning. When the figure began walking away, all it focused on was the road to success would be a fast and enjoyable one.

Landry started walking away from the glass table where they were sitting. She left their dinner to go to her desk. Clearly, Landry acted very distant with him. Kian experienced confusion with Landry when he talked to her. He refused to believe this sounded as the real Landry. Rather than him leaving as she suggested, he went up to her. Painfully, he grabbed Landry’s wrist and made her face him once more. Kian could be violent whenever he wanted, but never with her. The one thing Kian feared, what would happen to them if he did. He stood taller than she did by some inches. Their faces leveled with each other. Their eyes glanced directly into the opposite pair. Kian saw how much angrier she became when he pushed her carelessly into a corner. He realized how much he put her in so much pain.

“I used to let you walk all over me for as long as we’ve been together without getting angry with you. But, this is one of those times where your selfishness get the best of me. I want an explanation and I want one now. Why are you acting like this? Did you suddenly change your mind about marrying me?” he expressed in a very low tone in which sounded like a growl.

“Get your hand off of me, if you don’t want to end up in the hospital.”

“I’d rather be in hell, without you driving myself crazy as to what I’ve done, to push you away from me like this, than be at the hospital or anywhere else. What’s your answer, Landry? Do you have a scandalous picture of me and some other woman I’ve met on the side than of you?”

Her lips thinned. Landry gave him completely an iced look as her other hand rose to slap him hard on the face. As a result, Kian released her wrist. He did not doubt when she emerged this violently angry. Definitely, Landry could beat anyone down hard with one’s senses shaking altogether. Kian realized the mention of another woman turned undoubtedly the last straw for her. His face existed turned down as Landry stood there without moving an inch. Finally, Kian glanced at her with the anger simmering inside him. He slowly inhaled a breath and concluded that the end was coming. No certainty of discerning if a breakup would occur, Kian deemed, he might as well be prepared for the end.

“Fine, you’ve made your choice. I have no other choice, but to give you what you want. I hope you have a much better life without me beside you because, you just might get your wish after all.”

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