Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Hot Cauldron II - Coming October 10, 2014

The author’s job is to keep you glued to the page with anticipation and hopes that your character can survive the circumstances placed upon them.

In this, the second entry into the Hot Cauldron series, Lachelle paints vivid worlds where success is not always what it seems, monsters protect the just, and innocence carries a harsh sentence. In this book, the killer is next door and the victim just a breath away. With stories ranging from mythical beasts to ghost tales and even a dark rendition of a beloved fairy tale, Lachelle stretches her wings like never before and draws you in and keeps you wanting more.

Characters include a disgruntled spouse with holiday plans that include an appetizer for murder. Then there is the young teen shuffled between two dysfunctional parents and the tragic end that brings their past sin to life.  In addition, the tale of an ancient evil that claims the lives of two young lovers sends a small town into a panic. However, when a group of local hunters ban together to eradicate the evil, they find they are ill-equipped to deal with the demon that hunts from within the Eden Tree.   

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