Sunday, September 21, 2014

Death Takes a Wife A Short Story Anthology

What would you do for your child? How far would you go to heal them if they were hurt? What kind of deal would you make? Sarai, a loving mother of a child struggling with a disability, makes a deal that is sure to hurt the ones she loves, but brings her closer to a love that she never knew could exist.

What about a young man wanting to prove himself by joining a local fraternity? Filled with courage and hope, Dustin and his fellow pledges must spend the night in an old dusty mansion. The only problem is the curse that lives within the crumbling walls.

Friday night and the local bar, what a scene. Aiden chooses his victims well, but tonight will be very different for the predator becomes the prey

Four short stories each designed with a tale that is sure to grab the reader's attention and take you on a journey into the mind of this creative author. Death Takes a Wife is a must read. In addition, Lachelle invites you to explore her latest venture, erotica. Two bonus reads, quickies, are included with this anthology.