Monday, July 28, 2014

Nighthawks at the Mission by Forbes West

Sarah Orange is a smart girl from Orange County, California who has a rich, cheating boyfriend named Tyler. When Tyler’s twin brother Jaime reveals Tyler is cheating on Sarah, Sarah decides that she’s got nothing left for her in So-Cal.

Getting an interview with an exploitative corporation that runs the human colonies, the Off-World Network, Sarah journeys through a massive energy portal discovered in the South Pacific.

Meeting Guy Farson, a young salvager, on the trip to The Oberon, Sarah gets the idea of joining up with the many different co-ops who are doing all the dangerous salvage jobs in the abandoned cities that are crawling with the undead remnants of what is called the Antediluvian civilization. Alone now and in a customer service job at the colony, Sarah falls in with Guy Farson’s co-op (the Page sisters and Tek, a non-human Oberon native or “Ni-Perchta”) which reveals itself to be an illegal operation that does salvaging without a license and in the middle of the night (a term they call “Nighthawking”)

Sarah’s co-op is betrayed by Tek to the Mathias-Petty gang, a group of humans and Ni-Perchta robbers, causing what looks to be the death of Guy Farson and Treena Page. Sarah is confronted by Treena’s sister Winniefreddie who believes that Sarah, being the only other survivor, betrayed the co-op. Forced into a magical duel with Winniefreddie based on Ni-Perchta customs, Sarah kills Winniefreddie and is ruined by guilt.

Having gathered up a good haul of cash from their salvaging, Sarah and the others think about heading to a southern Oberon city in order to get away from the terrors at their own Mission. Sarah, Treena and Guy flee south to Guy’s vacation home on the Quadling Sea. Ambushed by the gang again at an ancient palace turned into a resort, Sarah convinces her friends to hunt the gang down themselves. Ambushing the gang at McRoss Research Station, Guy, Sarah and Treena manage to kill most of the gang members except for the leader, Charles Mathias and his Ni-Perchta girlfriend, nicknamed Jenny Petty. Mathias arrives later with a small army of Ni-Perchta. Sarah and Mathias battle during a “flashstorm”, or energy storm in one of the dead cities. Mathias is defeated by Sarah, who challenges him to a Ni-Perchta ordained duel.
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Forbes West

About the Author:

Forbes West was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and graduated with a Master's Degree in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach. He currently lives and works mostly in San Francisco, CA and owns a home in Ojima, Japan- a village five hours south of Tokyo by car that is in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

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