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When Angels Fall- The Re Release

When an ancient entity decides that his punishment in hell has gone on long enough, all hell breaks loose in Gainesville, FL.

David Thornbrook, a young hot exec at of Thornbrook, Hall and Caine is about to face the most horrific scandal of his career. With embezzlement looming to destroy him, the spoiled brat has no where to turn. In not listening to his father's warnings of saving for a rainy day, this young man's disgrace and irresponsibility comes face to face with the governing board of the company. However, when Margonne, a cursed angel, hears of his plight, he decides that his sentence down below is over. Stepping into David's life, Margonne exacts his own special brand of revenge through murder, lust and extreme debauchery. This character sets the firm on its backside in a way that would make Milton Waddams (Office Space) proud.

So if you want a read that is salacious, powerful and overflowing with deception, this read is for you. However, you don't have to take my word for it. Here are some of the current reviews for this hellacious tale of white collar crime at its most sinful.

By Kamilah S. Bryant on January 5, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
There were some seriously violent and scary situations in this book that I was just, 'oh my goodness'. David Thornbrook is faced with an embezzlement scandal that destroys his family name and company Thornebrook, Hall & Caine. Margonne is a demon who guards hell’s gates and tortures those that enter hell. David attempts suicide and Margonne possesses his body. The new David is cruel and abusive. This story is shocking and sexually charged. David meets JoAnn who isn't at all what she seems. The writing is really good. The story immediately draws you in and I didn't want to put it down because I was so curious as to what could possibly happen next. It is a short book and fast read. It was really good and then it ends abruptly. I eagerly await the continuation of this story. 4 stars.

By Denise Van plew on January 11, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
First time in reading this author and discovered her at a event. Love encountering new to me authors after reading description of this one was quite intrigued. Stepping away from my novels dealing mainly in romance one form or another I do like to do on occasion for something different so this fit the bill. Enter the dark side I would say and the road in this one isn't very long but one enjoyed traveling. Boredom is the starting point and what crossed my mind was a saying growing up idle hands devil's playground but in this case it is humans and their greedy little lives. One man's downfall is the beginning of one fallen to take over to do as he pleased but in a big way. This is a excellent build up of what promises to be if this is the intention a good intense series. You are given all the key players and they do play rough. Evil or should I say sin also is rampant and the game is high stakes. Many out of their own darker nature will lose. Of course though evil doesn't always win in this read,towards at the end of it the set back will take place in the battle and the demon doesn't quite win at all. His opponent turns out to be very worthy too. What is written so far very well done. Looking forward to what is written next from this author. Received a arc for a honest review.

Her best yet.
This is her best yet and I've read a few of Lachelle's. I really liked the way this story built where a fallen angel takes over a company. Brian Bigelow

Shawnee Luke (Californa)
This review is from: When Angels Fall (Paperback)
David Thornbrook is a man whose life has fallen apart. He is the CEO of a company that has recently been victim to an embezzlement scheme by two of its employees. The resulting scandal threatens to cost him both his job and his reputation. His parents won’t help him and the media is harassing him. Embarrassed and soon to be broke, he considers taking his life. Enter Margonne, a demon who enjoys tormenting humans. While looking for his next prey, he comes upon David and sees in him an opportunity to create havoc in the human world.

It is important to note that this is a novella, rather than a full novel. But it reads as if the author is considering continuing it into other stories. The main character is the anti-hero who rapes, tortures and murders his way through this dark story. The story is fast paced and entertaining. It’s easy to rally for the people trying to get away from this demon, or rid the world of him. If you’re looking for a quick read, I can recommend this one.

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