Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Hot Cauldron Salutes Halloween

Well my favorite month is here.  Yep, October. I am a huge fan of the Halloween season and of course that means scary movies. For my post, I have decided to recap a few of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.

I will kick this series off with a classic. I remember watching this movie as a child and squirming non stop. With the tag line, "The night he came home," Halloween etched its way into our culture and quickly became a cult classic. Produced on a $300,00 budget, John Carpenter and Debra Hill brought a chilling tale to life of babysitters being stalked by a murderous madman.

I watched the backstory of the film and the creative talent behind making this film is awesome. They bagged leaves and use them over and over to make the season appear to be more fall like. Different people actually wore the Michael Myers costume in because there were issues with the main actor where he couldn't always be there. In addition, Jamie Lee Curtis didn't think she was any good after day 1 and was afraid of being fired. That was 1978 and here we are in 2013 and this movie is still a leader in terror and mass murder.

Another Carpenter classic, The Fog, and I do mean the original, was a thrill and a ghost story. The tiny town of Antonio Bay has a wicked secret. It seems the founding fathers of the prosperous seaside city murdered a crew of men, women and children 100 years ago in order to secure their gold and other riches. So, as the town prepares it's celebration of the men's "sacrifice," the spirits are awakened and hell comes to collect. The townspeople are unaware of the deadly pact that has doomed them to death and when Blake and his band of dead crew members arrive, it is far too late for apologies.

Once again, a great movie and terrific story. I enjoyed seeing Carpenter use characters that were flawed and not the hot and beautiful teens that the remake turned into. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a beautiful cast. For its time, the original hosted the belle's of the day. But there is just something about Jamie Lee and Adrienne Barbeau that make this film a must see.

Ok, as you can tell, this is going to be the old school horror section of the blog. Don't worry, I will get around the newer stuff, but proper tribute must be paid to the original slashers.

Jason Vorhees drowned at Camp Crystal Lake and his mother sought revenge in his death. That was the first tale in a series that will never die. In the first movie, Jason's mom is hacking up a group of horny, teen campers that are just out to drink beer and get laid. We get a brief introduction to a young Kevin Bacon who also falls victim to her anger.

Slashing through a screaming, half dressed cast of 80s hair flips and basketball shorts, this movie does not disappoint. The blood and gore even for its time are both realistic and well crafted. Yes, there is a remake for the younger crowd, but as usual, I am an old school horror gal.

Save a horse, ride a Vampire. Yep, for Frank Langella I am hot in the ass anyday. I remember watching this film as a young girl and feeling terribly wicked. In this loose adaption of Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula arrives by sea and is the only survivor aboard a ship wrecked cargo vessel. He is discovered by a sickly Mina Van Helsing and from there death ensues. Charming, charismatic and oh too gorgeous, Dracula seeps his way in and lays claim to Ms. Lucy, who is engaged to Jonathan Harker. See I told you a loose adaptation. Even though this story is quite backwards from the original novel, it is poetry watching Frank work the room and the cape. He is slick and cat like and just oozes, "bite me." Even now as a grey older man, I still see my first Dracula and still love it just as if it were yesterday.

A young woman, Jane Hardy, inherits her devil worshipping aunt's home in the small town of Blackford. When Jane arrives, she learns more than what she bargained for and is being haunted by the hearse that her late aunt was in during her final travels.

I listed this film because it is so rare to find and such a good tale. The actress, not really known to me, was quite convincing and the storyline kept me wondering. You are on this quest with this woman to renew her life and suddenly she is being sucked into a world of strangers, ghosts and a car that won't let her be.

If you find this classic, give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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