Monday, October 21, 2013

More Horror Favorites

What do you get when you mix teenage sexuality and the curse of the wolf? Ginger Snaps, and notice it isn't like the cookie cause Ginger truly snaps in this film.

Two sisters Ginger and Brigitte are obsessed with death and not conforming to the usual girl standards. They are outcasts of the school and freaks of the community. Then one night while their parents are gone to counseling, Ginger is attacked by a wild animal. From there, her journey from outcast to sexually driven, blood lusting monster begins. Her sister, desperate to save her from a deadly destiny, enlists the help of local teen drug dealer. All this, while Ginger begins to sprout hairs, a tail and a taste for the neighborhood pooch.

Check out this classic followed by two sequels, that are just as strange, and have a snappy Halloween.

It was about time for a creepy, sub-humanoid, chick horror flick to surface. In Descent, a group of friends are joined together by their love for cave climbing. Sarah is going through a tough time as she has recently lost her entire family in a tragic car accident. The journey through this new cave is one to bring her back to life and hopefully start putting the tragedy behind her. However, the competitive, Juno, has plans for the team that they had no idea. The cave that she has chosen is not the one the ladies thought they were exploring. In addition, there are carnivorous, cannibal, sub-humans deep in the bowels of the labyrinth. Oh and did I mention that Juno's affair with Sarah's husband surfaces as well.

For a bloody good time, check out The Descent, and its sequel.

Dracula meets the Bible and you get Dracula 2000. An interesting take on the one creature that has remained a mystery and obsession with horror fans everywhere, Dracula delivers.

In this reboot, a misguided group of thieves is under the impression that Van Helsing has buried treasure in a vault beneath London. Of course, when they break in, they find a silver coffin. The alarms are triggered and the professor's assistant rushes to the scene. However, the criminals manage to get the coffin on a plain headed for the states, but before they get there, things go wrong.

To make a long story short, Dracula, played by Gerard Butler, ends up in New Orleans and in search of Van Helsing's daughter, Mary. It turns out that they share the same blood as Van Helsing used Dracula's blood to prolong his life and in the midst, father a child.

What makes this film different? The team races to find out who Dracula is and why he is damned. In the end, the biblical implications are more than enough to have you on the edge of your seat.

Pitch Black was a great success in rebooting the monster movie. In this film, a band of earthlings are on their way to a new planet in one of the many systems now available for traveling. While in flight, the passengers are in a sleep mode, kinda like Alien, and they enter an asteroid belt and crash land on an foreign planet. While surveying their situation, they discover that there was a team there at one time taking samples and getting the lay of the area, however, everyone is gone. In addition, they become aware of an everlasting eclipse that will cover the planet in darkness and that's not all. There are boney, blood thirsty creatures that come out at night and prey on anything they can pick up using their sonar. Did I mention there is also a murdering prisoner on board that the crew must befriend in order to survive.

Blood, deception and a slew of awkward choices makes this nail biter worth seeing again and again. In addition, let's not forget a very muscular and bald Vin Diesel. 

From the mind of H.P. Lovecraft comes the tale of a young man who discovers that his dreams are the stuff of nightmares and are rooted in reality.

A shipwrecked group of friends soon find themselves in the grips of a mysterious little seaside town and its even stranger beings. Not quite human and somewhat marine like, this place is crawling with death, isolation and a ritual that promises to bring one of the party goers to grips with where his true destiny lies.

This was my introduction to Lovecraft and it was a tentacle infused obsession. I watch this movie whenever it is on and remain glued to the spot. 

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