Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Horror Evolves

Ok the first blog was dedicated to the 80s and the movies that made us sleep with the lights on. Now join me as I move along to the 90s.

You can't have horror without the King, Stephen King of course. Although I did miss mentioning my favorite, Silver Bullet, with the last post, there is no way I could miss The Dark Half. This movie is one of my favorites because it is well acted and the idea is down right devilish.

Horror author Thad Beaumont is ending his successful George Stark series due to a sudden blackmail scheme. The only problem is that George doesn't want to die. After coming to life amid unusual circumstances, the character lets loose on a killing spree and leaves Thad's DNA all over the place. This cat and mouse kinda antic will keep you wondering just how the author will handle it and who will save the day.

I loved the storyline and even read the book. Very close adaptation this time and well done on the big screen.

Another King success, The Night Flier sends you on a trail of a legendary creature. Richard Deese is a reporter searching for answers in a string of brutal murders. He has been on the trail of the killer and knows that where ever the being goes, he flies his own plane and upon landing, people start dying. As the trail gets hotter, Deese is offered an out and told to turn back, but the eager over zealous reporter doesn't quit and finds himself in a situation where he comes face to face with death and destiny. The blood and gore factor in this movie is high so prepare yourself for The Night Flier.

I loved, loved, loved this film. Jeff Goldblum and
Alicia Silverstone are part of cast that is in the grips of the murderous rampage of a teen killer, played by Jeremy Sisto. This young man turns out to have a deadly secret that once revealed turns this movie into a downright nail biter. 

Dr. Nyebern is the physician who performs a life saving technique that brings Goldblum's character, Hatch, back to life after being dead for some time. However, soon after, Hatch discovers that something is very wrong. He begins to have visions of horrible things and is soon on the same frequency as a murderous madman. In addition, the evil that has infested his mind also wants his daughter and that's when Hideaway really gets interesting.

Based on a Koontz book, this is must see during the Halloween season.

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children only dolls
And if you see her in your dreams
You should never ever scream

Ok, dolls are just scary. Add a old dead ventriloquist and a creepy nursery rhyme and you have your self one hell of a horror story.

In this movie, a young man is forced to deal with the sudden and strange death of his wife. The only clue is a ventriloquist's doll that was delivered to their doorstep. Jamie Ashen, played by Ryan Kwanten, returns home to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, he is being followed by a kooky cop character played the less popular Wahlberg brother, but he does an excellent job. He is convinced that Jamie murdered his wife and is on the run. However, they both soon realize that there is more than one murder at hand. Soon the curse of Mary Shaw infests both their lives leaving them in a fight for survival.

Ok even with the comedic element thrown in like grapes in a chicken salad, this movie delivers horror on the high seas. A group of high paid pirates takes on a job that involves them in a high priced sabotage scheme. However, they are soon in the midst of a terror cruise that no one paid for. The owner of large cruise ship has planned to sink the massive vessel for profit. But what he doesn't plan on are the ravenously hungry creatures that live in the darkest depths of the ocean. Soon the ship is overcome with these slithering, fang filled, mucous oozing, man eating eel like creatures and everyone is on the menu.

Staring Treat Williams and Famke Jensen this is a must see during the Halloween season.

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