Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Excerpt from The Return

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I can only come up with the ideas, the tool to write it as it should be, belongs to Grammarly. 

And yes, there are errors in this piece, check out what Grammarly said:

Grammarly found 42 critical writing issues and generated 2 word choice corrections for your text.

The Return:

 The following afternoon, they neared a familiar spot where the waters were clear and the rocks were many.

"Mother, I thought you said we would be longer. You are stopping so soon?"  Angel questioned.

"We traveled on the night wind to a special place. A place that only a few know. Your father and I discovered it back in ninety four. If you sail the edges of the triangle you get pulled to this very spot no use in using your equipment, it won't work. Thus the legends of the triangle. We will drift from here."  Her mother was calm but Angel was not easily quieted.

"We're in the Bermuda triangle!  Oh God we gotta get outta here!"  She screamed.

"I told you we were headed to the Bermudas."  Her mother was placid and frightening.

"I thought you just meant the islands, I didn't think that we were just going into the triangle. And that makes no sense how can we already be here?  We just left yesterday." 

Her mother sat quietly as she started telling the remainder of the story. Angel was frightened as she had never seen her mother like this. She did not know the person who sat before her flipping through a photo album and staring in the distant horizon.

"Your father and I were sailing this same stretch when a bad storm pulled us in. We were sure that we wouldn't make it. We were tossed by large waves and pummeled in the night. We put on our life jackets in hopes that the coast guard would at least find our bodies. But by morning the storm subsided and we found ourselves here. Our instruments dead we just drifted with the sea. We were so happy to be alive we made love that day like when we first met. There are times I can still smell him and feel him on me."  A tear streamed down her face.

"It was in the afternoon as I lay sleeping that I thought I heard something on deck. I rolled over to reach for your father and he was gone. I jumped up and dressed and headed topside. Your father was standing at the bow staring into the sea. He didn't hear me call his name so I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and looked to me with a blank stare. He asked me did I hear it. I did not understand what he meant, I could only hear the waves in lapping against the boat. He looked me in the eyes and said he had to go. He said he was sorry for the pain he was about to cause, but he didn't belong to me. He belonged to the sea."  She began to weep heavily. Angel was confused and her voice resonated her bewilderment.

"Mom, what are you saying?" 

"Your father jumped overboard and disappeared beneath the waters of the triangle. I screamed for him to return but there was nothing. I stayed there searching for some sign and soon I got one. Blood, there was blood everywhere, the water filled with his blood. I cried so hard, I could not breathe. I thought for sure a shark had him but it was much worse. That's when they appeared."

"They who, momma?"

     "Ancient legends they had been for so many, but both of our fathers and forefathers had been mariners and knew the truth. They were sirens and they had come aboard our vessel."

"Ok mom, you're crazy!  Sirens, mermaids, really!  I'm calling the coast guard."  Angel turned to work the radio as she tried her mother yelled out that it wouldn't work. She remembered and appeared back on deck angered at the position she was in. Her mother screamed out to her.

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