Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Evil Quen

Order Evil Queen
He could see the real Lizbeth. Her face appeared clear and in warning. She screamed loudly but the sound in his head was muddled as if he was underwater. The next face he saw was Evan. His sly menacing grin grew closer as he clutched the throw even tighter. There were other faces as well. They were of the fallen townspeople who had taken ill during the mini plague. They were trapped in the garment as well. They were in hell and there was no rescue. Fernand wanted to take the garment, but just as he turned, he heard Lilly in the hall. She was talking to her father. This was his signal to leave the room. He quickly rolled the throw up tightly and tucked it under his jacket. He slipped quietly from the room unnoticed. He would meet up with Lilly later to explain what he had found.

The visions from the quilt were vivid and draining his very energy. He quickly stored the blanket in a trunk at the foot of his bed. Lilly knocked on his door and entered.

“Did you find anything?”

“Yes, it’s in the trunk, but don’t touch it for long. It’s a witch’s tool. It traps the souls they have taken. I don’t know how it starts.”

Lilly opened the heavy lid to reveal the dark throw. It was beautiful, but very powerful. When she touched it, she felt an energy race through her body as a vision of a macabre nature filled her senses. So many souls taken, they were trapped. Twisted faces and mouths agape as silent screams escaped their lips. Then one vision caught her in horror. She saw her mother, covered in blood and calling out to her. She dropped the blanket and slammed the lid shut. She looked at Fernand in horror. There were no words for what she had seen.

“Why do I keep seeing my mother dead?”

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