Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Evil Queen

Evan looked at her puzzled. He could not believe that she had struck up such a conversation with him especially one about wealth. He was unsure of his response but keeping with his courteous nature he found an answer that he felt would not have him beheaded.
“I realize I am only a servant to the king. No matter what happens, I shall serve him till death.”
She walked towards him in a curvy, seductive motion.
“Oh but I do disagree with you on that. You can be more than just a servant. I’m sure you have dreams of doing more than shoveling horse shit and pushing semen.”
She slinked herself even closer to the young man until she could feel the warmth from his body.
“Now, I will ask you again, what would you do to have just a piece of this land, or just a piece of that dream?”
Evan caved. The pressure and wanting were mounting in his brain. He knew of the wealth of a successful breeding and he had secret hopes of being that one. He blew a deep breath and spoke.
 “I guess if I were given the chance, I would do anything.”
“I thought so.”
She kissed the young man again this time on the lips. She opened her mouth and eased her tongue upon his lips. He tasted of wine and tobacco. It was a taste she found favorable. She let her hands roam over his heaving body. She knew that he was eager to have her. She pushed him back into the open carriage. He would stop her momentarily to give her a quick reality check, or so he thought.
“My lady, this is improper.”
She looked into his brown eyes. Her wanting rising beneath her royal surface. She placed a finger on his lips and then into his mouth.
“Sh, you said you would do anything to rule. I need you to do me.”
He slid down onto the floor of the carriage and gently hoisted her above him. His large strong hands were at her waist. She began to un-strap her blouse revealing her breasts. Chill bumps formed as the cool winter air brushed against them. He cupped his hands onto her luscious flesh. He began to caress them gently. He pulled her down to him where their lips could meet in a kiss. His hands ventured over her soft skin. She unbuttoned his shirt and explored him as well. She started with his firm chest and tight stomach. It was so much more pleasing than the bloated piece of nobility she had the night before. She ran her hands across the buttons of his trousers. She slipped them undone one by one. She slid her hands upon his waiting crotch. His shaft was not only larger but longer than her husband’s. She was now looking forward to having him even more. She eased down closer to the awaiting organ as she began to kiss it gently and lap it with her tongue. Her mouth slid easily over his protrusion. She tasted him in the back of her throat. His eyes closed he ran his hands through her hair. He pushed gently against her mouth just enough to let her know what she was getting. He eased her to his side so that he could taste her as well. She lay beside him for a second as he positioned himself between her thighs. He sucked her clit gently fingering her at the same time. Her wetness began to flow with an immense passion. He could wait no longer. He would be the one to make her cum. He mounted her roughly his insertion was forceful and with only one intent. She stifled back the sounds of her squeal at the opening of her snatch for the larger shaft. She spread her legs wider in order to accommodate his erection and his motion. It was as if she was being broken in by the master. He was strong inside her and touched her every spot. He took great pleasure in her moans and her nails digging into his flesh. He pushed harder and deeper inside her. She arched her body against his. The carriage rocked gently at first then violently then gently again until it ceased. Its passengers were covered in a drench of cool salty sweat.

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