Saturday, June 1, 2013

Serena Reborn: The Final Battle

Hailey, knowing her friend and the tone of her conversation knew that she did not plan to stick around much longer. She wanted so much to go with her, but knew it could not happen, not this time.

The following morning early in the dark of the day, Liana passed away while sleeping. Serena grieved as she had never done before. The tears seemed to never end as she held her tiny shriveled hand, no power that she possessed would bring her back. She buried her body before dawn in the lush flower pasture behind their large oak. The decisions that followed were quick and quiet.

Hailey slept in that day and when Harley came to her with a small note, she knew.

To my sister Hailey, I love you and will miss you so much. Please place fresh flowers every spring on the mound in the pasture behind the oak. Love Serena.

Serena was far from the village by early morn. Her ability to fly hard and fast had developed into a fine art over the past year. As she darted amongst the clouds and spring sun, the beautiful young sprite felt alive again. Although her tears would continue to flow, there was a part of her that felt a release. Knowing her mother was in a better place made it easier than she imagined. She would continue on her journey to nowhere for the remainder of the day. The young sprite had to compass and no purpose.

For days, Serena veered farther into a foreign world that resembled nothing of her home. She found happiness and peace but missed her friends. By now, Hailey was a mom to a new baby and the town would share in her celebration with a grand party, or at least she hoped. Imagining the many splendid deserts and fine eats, Serena started to miss her home, but she knew there would be no welcome for her. She continued on her way living off the fresh vegetation and water provided by mother earth. She slept in bundles of leaves and from time to time high in hallows of magnolias and oaks. She began to feel more comfort and by the end of week, her new quest would reveal itself.

One night, while she slept and dreamed in the hollow of an old mother oak she remembered life as it was and the happier days. However, something else was happening that made her fears awaken. She noticed a large purplish rash on her upper arm early that morning and by noon, it had spread across her chest. Feeling as if her life force trickled from her body, the sprite rested and sucked on nectar from the honeysuckle and chewed parsley leaves. She had taken ill just as he mother. Maybe her death would be swift.

Serena startled awake in the night by a voice. She thought it was delirium at first, but after a closer listen, she realized it was a voice just like Milan had been.

“Your destiny awaits, find him for he is near.” The voice spoke no more, but Serena needed answers. She called out into the night. "Milan, is that you?” There was no response. "Milan, I need you!” The night remained quiet.

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