Sunday, June 9, 2013

Excerpt from the new short story, Terror In Eden Park by Lachelle Redd

He moved along the pathway to the front gate. His legs were wobbly as he recalled her gentle, "yes." Fumbling with his keys and getting the door open, he then ransacked the vehicle for face tissues. Searching the front, back and sides of the seats and the glove compartment, he was able to score a few delicate sheets. Balled in his hands were the flimsy cloths as he returned to the path that would lead him to his fiancĂ©. In his return, a sudden chill filled his soul. She was gone. Jesse, confused and unsure of the moment began to search for the girl. He sauntered about the park calling for his beloved. As he approached the large fruit tree, he thought he heard a thud so he squinted. Using his cell phone, he made a makeshift flashlight and approached the sound. A soft voice whispered on the wind to him. Unable to make out the voice, he moved closer. The young man moved steady as he began to think his love was playing a joke. He called out to her again in a loving playful manner. "Ana, I know that's you."  There was no response. As he continued to move closer, he recognized the feet protruding from the other side of the tree. Relieved he had found her, he quickened his step and moved in but there was something that was not quite right. The limbs did not move nor did a response emanate from the body. Beginning to feel a shiver of terror as he approached the brutal scene the man was not prepared for what he saw.

Ana lay lifeless, a series of marks on her body oozing blood and some sort of secretion. Foam began to puddle at her mouth, eyes and ears. Her body was a mass of sputtered breaths and jerky convulsions until she moved no more. She was gone. Distraught and in tears, the young lover dropped to his knees pulling her close and weeping as he never had before. Her body was limp and still warm in his arms. Unable to fathom what had happened he held her close until he thought he heard a sound.

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