Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bloodline of the Black Dragon

The drunkard stumbled down the dark, slick streets as he caught eye of Nitra Kimble the town seamstress.  She was walking home from her shop, her sewing kit and materials in hand.  She had worked a long night working on a dress for lady Jessie.  It was her first new dress in a year and she wished to attend the annual gala in Talon.  Nitra was the only one she trusted with the task.  She had brought her ideas to her earlier that week and the  pro quickly started forming the materials and pearls for the ball.   
Night blanketed the town as she scurried home to rest her weary fingers and eyes.  She raced on tiny feet to her cobblestone abode, her hair brushed back and forth with the night breeze.  She didn’t realize the terror that followed her home.  Beck prowled carefully plotting her demise.  It made perfect sense.  If the dragon came for her it would not look so suspicious.  It would be a random killing.  There would be no mark and no one would know.  He slowed as she arrived at her darkened cottage.  She lit a candle upon entering and placed her needles into a nearby chair.  She was about to close the door when a pair of large hands grabbed her and forced her to the ground.  That was when she saw his face.  Beck attacked just as she attempted to close the door.  He began to ravage her against her will as he muffled her screams with his large dirty hands.  He stripped away her underwear and forced himself inside her.  The rage heightened as he felt himself plunge deeper and deeper inside her.  He would not stop until his evil release had taken place inside her.  She was completely helpless sobbing heavily as he heaved a solid breath of whiskey in her face.  In a matter of minutes he was up and on his way out the door.  He left her in the floor a heap of tears and shame.  His final threats of death were enough to keep her mouth shut.  Little did she know she was due to death anyway. 

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