Saturday, June 1, 2013

At the End of Her Whip

Grey moved on to other cases but this one seemed to stay nag away at his core. The pictures would play over and over with the words captured in bold letters. He went to the evidence room, gathered the box, and took it home. He rummaged through the contents and at the very bottom was a paperback book. Recovered from Jake's home, the book revealed plenty about Mr. Killyam. It was the story of a man and his lover whom he shared a very special relationship. He picked up the small paperback and began to read. The words glided over his tongue and into his memory. He was able to complete it in one night. He read it cover to cover and in the wee hours of the morning, he understood. He had to find Jake’s Venus. He took a picture of Jake out of the evidence box. It was from the annual company luncheon. He was in the midst of friends, who had no idea of who the real Jake was or his temptation. With the new evidence and renewed steam, he looked at everyone in a different light. He looked deeper into their personal lives. His first run through had been very standard. Now with this new information, he worked in secret. The case solved, or seemed solved, there was no more to do. The seasoned detective, Grey, was not convinced as he later discovered that Jake’s best friend, Kent seemed to be mimicking the same actions as his dead friend. He decided to tag the man for a couple of weeks and uncovered even more clues he also felt that Kent was protecting someone.

Kent sat and sobbed in quiet on the front row at his friend's funeral. Kent had a solid alibi and was nowhere near, but was very evasive about the new Jake. He only divulged that the ailing man grew silent in the days leading to his death. It would be much later that what Kent really knew would surface. He had another story and it unfolded on Friday nights.

Grey trailed Kent for weeks, he was about to give up until late one Friday afternoon his questions were answered. Kent closed the office and headed to his favorite restaurant for dinner and later home. He seemed to be turning in for the night, but around 11 pm, he left his home with a black tightly packed duffle bag. He jumped into his beamer and headed south to I95 to St. Augustine. He would reach his destination in about an hour and a half. Maneuvering the traffic with ease, he drove as a man on a mission. When he arrived at the beach house, he moved quickly. Grey followed and parked up the street a ways by the beach. He watched as Kent moved to the door of a fine address with large palms and a manicured lawn. Running a check on the place, he was not surprised at first at what he saw. The residence once belonged to Jake Killyman. Purchased with cash and kept in pristine condition by a local lawn and garden company, the home now belonged to a familiar name that Grey knew, but did not know why. Passed on in one of his provisions in his will, the new owner had no worries.

The detective crept around to the back of the house. Through dark curtains, he could see shapes and here the muffled sound of a voice. Kent was on the phone with someone and he seemed frustrated, as his voice grew louder. The man grew calm when hanging up moved through the rooms as if checking the scene for an event. As Grey moved in closer, he found a break in the material and could see the events unfold. Kent, now in a black robe and sipping wine, sat quietly at the bar. However, it was the items on the large black leather table that caught the detective's eye. Shackles, straps, blindfolds and the most impressive a long frayed whip dangled off the edge.

The table had a small opening at one end, Grey had no idea what that was for. Well cushioned and wide, it seemed of place. As the pieces fell into place, he started to realize that Kent truly knew more than he told. Just then, the doorbell rang and Kent rose meet his guest.

Grey moved closer to the window to get a look. His heart raced and mouth began to water with anticipation. He had to see her; well he presumed it was a her. When she stepped into the light, she was like nothing he had seen before. Her face painted elegantly, she was tall and slender. The fur coat she wore slipped easily to the floor to reveal a leather corset and thigh high stockings. From her head to her toe she was sensual and sexy, even her footwear seemed to beg for his attention. The 4-inch patent leather, steel reinforced heals shined to a high gloss and clicked attention as she moved across the tile floor. They were the perfect final addition. He took a deep breath and moved in closer. He could see the steam from his breath on the window.

Kent cleared the table and lay down on the leather bed of torture. The opening was for his face. She strapped him in and immediately pulled the long black whip from the gadgets. Grey dropped to his knees in the sand as the he watched the whip break the air and then Kent‘s precious skin. He flinched and screamed in agony as he begged her to strap him again and again. The two were inseparable, the master, and his mistress. The whip, an item of shear torture and lust, beckoned for the pale skin of its victim. Tasting the wounds as they opened, its prey was trapped in a dizzying world wind of ecstasy and pain.

 For the next ten minutes, he watched as Kent submitted himself to the stacked beauty. Then suddenly as if he found the strength of a god, she released him and he made love to her with such passion and anger that Grey felt both aroused and ashamed. Once the session was over he collapsed to the sand both spent and tormented.

Kent, now void of any energy would be nursed and tended He lay on the sofa face down and completely drained. She would watch over him for the rest of that day. Knowing what to do and administering codeine to comfort and ease the pain. Grey managed to creep back to his car staggering as the visions of the events replayed in his head. It was Sunday afternoon when Kent left the house and went back to Jacksonville. Grey had ran the woman’s license plate and gotten her name and address. He knew the name was familiar.

He raced back to Jacksonville to review the employee list. He knew he had seen the name somewhere but she was not on the employee list. She was one of the custodial staff for the cleaning company and she was the one who cleaned Jake’s office as he requested. She still received full pay but he would request her and only her to into his space. Since his death, she had been pulled to clean Kent’s office at his request. She was due to work on that Wednesday. Grey decided that he would be waiting for her. He did not want to see Kent. He had no words and his shame would rush forth. He knew he would lie. The truth rested with Kimaya.
Wednesday night

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