Friday, May 31, 2013

Serena Reborn: The Final Battle

"I did as you instructed, my queen, and Liana is dead. I found her burial mound behind her home, but the young one, she escaped. She left the village in quiet and no one knows where she went." Irritated by the news that her spy had failed to complete her task, Heithar, now queen Lilly, knew she would need to take a more hands on approach.

"I asked you to watch that little brat and her friend. But no matter, Serena will die soon. The death link spell will work and she will perish but I need to be sure. There is more for you to do. Go back, search the village, and talk to that friend of hers. She must know something. I am sure Serena just didn't leave her empty handed." The queen was quite upset and knew the young sprite was near death, but she wanted proof before she launched her next assault.

Sending away the worthless spy, the queen was quiet in her anger. Although part of her plan was complete, she needed the sprite's dying body in order to absorb her power as she lay dying. The queen ordered a scout to search the woods for the weakened creature.