Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Death's Love Affair - Lachelle Redd

Just thought I would share my short story, Death's Love Affair.  I entered this story in a contest, but I am pretty sure it will not be a contender.  It is 500 words as that was the limit, so it ends pretty quickly.  I hope you enjoy, Death's Love Affair.

Janice Cotton had no words for her daughter's actions. Another five days of detention with possible expulsion. Frustrated, she tossed her purse in search of a cigarette.

"You know those things cause cancer?" Amelia’s tone cared less.

"Right about now, raising you is gonna kill me first so while I have a choice in how I die, I'm going with a ciggy in my hand."

As the SUV approached the electronic gate, Janice tugged on cigarette number three as her cell phone began to buzz. Grabbing it in disgust, she knew it was Troy.

"I just got a call from the provost, saying Amelia was suspended! I knew this wasn't going to work, I'll be there in the morning first thing!" The phone silenced.

He was not going to listen. Throwing her phone to the floor and screaming a host of obscenities, Janice turned into the garage and raced inside. Amelia sat in solitude for a moment before entering the home.

Living with her father was an even worse idea than staying with her chain-smoking mother, but if Troy said he was coming, that was that. The following morning, Amelia was no longer her mother's concern. He'll learn soon enough. Janice thought as she chuckled to herself.

For the next few weeks, the gothic teen settled into yet another sprawling home in a neighborhood complete with snobby, unlikeable inhabitants. Troy, a busy account executive, catered to her every whim. He would soon notice his daughter’s strange behavior. Amelia often stayed up late, laughter and voices coming from her room. Assuming there was a visitor he burst through the door but found no one there.

"Honey, who were you talking to?" He asked.

"Death." She said with a firm tone.

Surprised and disgusted, he whipped out his cell phone and called Janice.

"Death, really?!" He screamed into the phone as if that would help.

"Welcome to my world." The phone silenced in her favor.

Hearing voices once more, he turned to find a young, handsome boy standing in the room. With short, moussed hair in soft peaks, black jeans and a t shirt, he seemed a bit pale but his pink lips and large brown eyes gave way to an all too devilish and familiar smile.

"You again?!" The father announced. "We performed an exorcism for Christ's sake! Stay away from my daughter."

The boy smiled. "You had no right to bring her back. She belongs with me."

The father sobbed heavily and sunk to his knees. Amelia had not survived the car accident and her distraught parents made a deal to bring her back. However, Death had fallen in love with the teen and decided he would not exist without her. 

"Father, I do not belong here. You can’t keep me from my love." The sound of a soft footstep and the opening of a window alerted him. He could not get to her in time. Amelia jumped from the second floor landing on the iron light post below.

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