Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Damned DVD Player

Emily Taggert sat quietly beneath the tree her new wifi blue ray disc player in her hands.  The husband, Charlie or Chuck as he was to his friends was already hooking up his laptop and preparing to download sports videos and order football gear.  364 days of planning and a DVD player.  Emily rose and headed to the bedroom to hook up the expensive toy.  Diamonds, spa trips, a year's worth of pedicures, even money to shop for decent clothes and I get a damned DVD player.  Christmas night was quiet and serene.  The wife drew herself a long hot bath and prepared for a relaxing soak.  Chuck was still glued to his computer toy and grinning at playbacks from the day's games.  He was elated.  It was everything he wanted.  But Emily was still at a loss. 

Soaking in the garden tub of bubbles and fragrance, she let the disappointment wash away.  But when the lights suddenly blinked on and off and her husband's exclamation at missing the final scoring point rang through the house, that was the last straw.  She rose from the bath drenched in bubbles and naked as a newborn.  The woman marched downstairs bubbles dripping and water splashing.  Chuck was still raising hell as the lights flicked off again and this time it was for good.  A car had struck a pole and the lines went down.  The entire block was now drenched in darkness.  Chuck opened the door to assess the damage. 

Ice and snow covered the lawn and everything in its grasp.  The moon was high and the streets were black.  People grabbed cell phones as make shift flashlights.  Chuck stood at the doorway pondering what do to.  But before he could make a movement, a sharp shove forced him down the front steps and onto the ax that had been left out front from chopping wood.  I told his ass to put that axe up yesterday before the snow and ice froze it into place.  But no, he had to go get my present, a damn DVD player.  Well Merry Christmas, Chuck.
Emily went back upstairs and continued her well deserved soak in the tub.  When the lights came back on, there was a knock on her door.  She rose from the tub and dawned a thick robe.  She appeared at the door as authorities were delivering some terrible news.  Apparently her husband had fallen when the lights went out and slipped onto the axe out front.  He was gone and there was nothing they could do

Lachelle Redd


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