Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Whip

Snap!  The sting of the whip across his back made his senses tingle to a sharp shudder throughout his body.  He begged for more.  Wanting his queen to rip into his soul, crying out for no mercy for he deserved his punishment.  Preparing for this night waiting to here the click, clack of her heels as she strolled across his cold tile floor.  When she arrived, the hairs on his neck stood straight, his skin prickled against her dark fur cloak as his lips met with her glossy cover.  Moving closer he beckoned her to his "special place."  She was his master from that moment on.  From then on he would be the slave imprisoned in her lust and want.  Her need, to crack the whip across his waiting, pale pink flesh.  Flesh that could tear so easily and excite in so many ways.  His tears of pain and joy stained the blood droplets from his slashes.  By morning she would become his nurse easing him back into perfect health, only to perform for him again in a few long weeks.

L. Redd

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